Two of Dean’s songs – “Holding Out for a Hero” (J.Steinman) and “Fame” (M. Gore) – were performed by a cappella groups Vocal Rush and Ten during the week of December 16 on NBC’s “The Sing Off.” Click on their titles to check out these jaw-dropping performances!

VECKENS FRANCOISLast year, while on a book tour in North Kansas City, this boy shyly asked if I’d put his name in my next novel. Oct. 29, while I was on a Skype with his class at Northgate Middle School, Veckens Francois was asked to read a passage from NICKEL BAY NICK, and when he read his name (on p. 83), his classmates cheered!

The first review for “Nickel Bay Nick” is in, and it’s a doozy! Kirkus Review says, “Nickel Bay Nick” is “…a fast-paced adventure that’s filled with (more…)