The Big One-Oh

Charley Maplewood has never been one for parties – that would require friends, which he doesn’t have. But now that he’s turning ten – the big one-oh! – he decides to throw his own birthday party, complete with a “House of Horrors” theme and a birthday cake he’ll bake himself.

Of course, things don’t work out as Charley plans. In trying to make friends, he ends up inviting the class bully Cougar to come, and that’s before he burns down his family’s garage and ruins the cake. By the time the big event arrives, Charley’s home really is a house of horrors. Will Charley be able to pull it together before the big one-oh becomes the big OH-NO!?

The Big One-Oh

Nominated Book of the Year OR named to Best Books lists in: KANSAS, MARYLAND, MISSOURI, NEW HAMPSHIRE, SOUTH CAROLINA

Grammy nomination –
Best Spoken Work Recording 2007

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Publisher’s Weekly
School Library Journal
Kirkus Reviews
John Lithgow
Jaime Lee Curtis
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